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February 21, 2009 § Leave a comment

Statement on Proposed Troop Escalation

“As Americans eager to help President Obama build prosperity at home and peace abroad, we are gravely concerned by plans to increase our military presence in Afghanistan. Without a clear strategy, benchmarks for success, and a plan to bring our troops home, this escalation will only prolong the American-led occupation – increasing anti-American sentiment throughout the region – while failing to make America any safer. In a time of economic crisis, these resources can be better used to solve problems here at home. “We urge elected and appointed leaders to postpone troop increases in Afghanistan to allow for a robust public debate on the goals of our presence there and the strategies best suited to achieving them. ”


In back-to-back election cycles, a solid majority of Americans repudiated Bush’s handling of wars waged without accountability and transparency. If we are to truly change America’s foreign policy, we must avoid the mistake of escalating a war with no end in sight.”


The following endorsers asked that their names be publicly associated with Get Afghanistan Right’s position statement:

Dr. Lila Abu-Lughod, Department of Anthropology, Columbia University

Dr. Manan Ahmed, University of Chicago

Dr. Judith Butler, Department of Rhetoric and Comparative Literature, University of California, Berkeley

Dr. Bob Buzzanco, Department of History, University of Houston

Dr. Noam Chomsky, Department of Linguistics, MIT

Dr. Peter Hess, Faith Project Director, National Center for Science Education, Inc.

Dr. Saba Mahmood, Department of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley

Professor Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, Department of Justice and Peace Studies, University of St. Thomas

Dr. Dan Prior, Department of History, Miami University

Dr. Paul E. Schroeder, Department of Political Science, Case Western Reserve University

Dr. Margaret Jo Shepherd, Teachers College, Columbia University

Dr. Sarah Shields, Department of History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Eric Straatsma, Peace Think Tank

Dr. Ronald Suny, Department of History, University of Michigan

Dr. Robert Thurston, Department of History, Miami University

William O. Walker III, author, National Security and Core Values in American History (forthcoming: Cambridge University Press, April 2009)

Action for a Progressive Pakistan Progressive

Democrats of America


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