Help Internally Displaced Persons in Pakistan

June 16, 2009 § 11 Comments

Dear Friends,

Action for a Progressive Pakistan has joined with SINGH Foundation to help Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Pakistan, now numbering almost 4 million, who are fleeing Taliban and military violence in the Swat region. SINGH FOUNDATION WILL MATCH EVERY DONATION DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR UNTIL WE REACH OUR TARGET OF $10,000! Your donations are tax-deductible to the fullest legal extent.

All proceeds will go to Sungi Development Foundation, a progressive community-based development organization that has been active in NWFP in Pakistan for more than a decade.

To donate by PayPal, click here.

To donate by check:
Make the check out to “SINGH Foundation” (please put “APP Swat Relief” in the memo)
Mail checks to:
SINGH Foundation
c/o Ramakrishnan
50 West 97th St., #15T,
New York NY 10025

Questions? Email us at

THANKS for your support of humanitarian relief in Swat.

In solidarity,

Action for a Progressive Pakistan

SINGH Foundation:



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§ 11 Responses to Help Internally Displaced Persons in Pakistan

  • Asim jaan says:

    Great effort.

    I want to make just one point, we have done extensive work among IDP in karachi and and camps in NWFP.

    99% say they fled cuz they were ordered out by the military. So your equating of both as the reason for their evacuation is, in my view, not balanced, to say the least.

    In my view, this is dishonesty and fear of calling a spade a spade.

    There are 3.5 million refugees and they are not going back anywhere soon. How many of them and for how many months – can we help.

    My view is, and u may disagree with it, that we must stand up to raise public opinion against this military incursion – so that we put a stop to it. By doing this ,we will ensure that all 3.5 million go back to their hearths and fields instead of languishing in camps and plots without roofs. This is the only way ofl solving this problem.

    Otherwise, i tell you, this fire is not topping at Swat, it is spreading far and wide with each passing day and today more than half of NWFP is up in flames. With each new operation, new recruits are being given to taliban leadership and its is a self defeating strategy.

    But our ruling classes thinks only in its short run interest. In east pakistan, they were saying Pakistan army is winning even one day before the 16Dec, 1971 , when 93,000 surrendered. But not before they killed b/w 1 and 3 millions Bengalis and forced more than 10 million to evacuate to India.

    Do we want a repeat performance of 1971 ?

  • progpak says:

    Dear Asim,

    APP has always been against the military operation and continues to remain so. Please see our mission statement to see our guiding philosophy.

  • hi asim jaan,

    the swat refugees you quoted & “app” quoted varies by 500,000 pakistanis don’t you think this is one too many and not cold lifeless statastics??? i bet my right arm that, there is bound to be further variations if the govt of pakistan’s figures are tallied with the great pak army figures!!!

    as for the pak army’s monkey business in erstwhile east pakistan the least said the better for all of us!!! thank god its good riddance of these; callous, evil scourges from our sacred soil.

    do take care!


  • Asim Jaan says:

    Hi Rokeya,

    In the absence of independent authorities, there is bound to be a difference in figures. But dont u think this that is not very relevent to this debate. Whether they are 2 million, or 3 million or even 1 million, these are human beings – women, children, elderly – souls – that have been cruelly ordered at a few hours’ notice to leave their homes for no fault of theirs.

    They have been evicted cuz Pakistan’s ruling class and this callous army (which is part and parcel of our ruling classes) wants to make them an example to other people of pakistan – that they will face a similar fate as Swatiws if they dare raise a voice at your continued exploitation. So they better shut up.



    I had an interesting discussion on facebook on “Irfan Shah’s” wall in response to his comments ” Baitullah Mehsud, here we come…”. –

    Do jump in.

    Baitullah Mehsud, here we come…-

    Tue at 5:07pm · Comment · Like · Hide Feedback (13)
    M Amin Sher at 6:36pm June 16

    I guess they are serious this time…..hope our govt does not act like U.S govt.i.e. never say Osama is dead as his death would mean no reason for fight against terror.Irfan Shah at 8:11pm June 16
    Lets see yar… its a tough terrain and mehsud’s men are mostly positioned at the best locations… pak army is not really known to be good at guerilla war fare either… not in such rough terrains specially..
    I hope the SSG shows some magic… and that the action does not result in millions being displaced..

    Asim Jaan at 8:57pm June 16

    @Irfan: You are hoping against hope. In malakand, in search of 4000 taliban (acc to ISPR) the military displaced 3.5 million people – virtually ‘cleared the plot’ as one friend of mine commented.

    The army is mowing down homes and hearths like the proverbial ‘Bull in a china shop’, and we continue to hooooope.

    I suggest, we leave hoping, and start acting to stop this savagery being committed by this state on its own defenceless people on the fake pretext of ‘saving civilization’ – Bush style. Asim Jaan at 9:08pm June 16
    I dont know when will we wake up from this open-eyed sleep to see the reality of this savagery gift-wrapped in ‘patriotism’, ‘establishing writ of the state’ and other meaningless and empty slogans.

    This is the same Kiyani and his same corps commanders who approved enforcing Emergency and evicting half the higher judiciary, and killing innocents on 12May, 07 and lathi-charging lawyers for 2 long years. All this just to strengthen their leader – dictator musharraf rule.

    This is the amount of respect they have for the constitution, rule of law and judiciary !.

    This is the coterie that kidnapped thousands of baluchs and other political workers without and due process of law and kept them in illegal detention for years and tortured them.

    This is the ‘tola’ that wanted to sell of Pakistan Steel Millsl at dirt cheap prices to their capitalist friends.

    The list is long. More later.

    Now we turn him and his team into our savior. Why do we have such short memory spans ?

    Eclipsed Heart at 10:05pm June 16

    u r fighting someone else’s war! u wil see where do we all end up. US is not stupid enough to pay u for something gud.. :S Funny

    Irfan Shah at 1:37am June 17

    I dont disagree with both of you… I am with both of you on the swat war. I am not in favour of a full fledged fwar in any region what soever. That being said meshud is a known CIA agent. He has to be taken out. He is responsible for most explosions n suciide attacks in pakistan…Khalil Khanjee at 3:36pm June 17
    No. The Pakistan Army shouldn’t start another Operation becoz in SWAT operation no high value targets r achieved yet. First the Army should complete that Operation.
    2nd becoz of the policies of PPP’s govt. the Pukhtoons now think that this war is against them. And I know this govt is not serious to eliminate the Terrorists except they r just killing innocent people.
    If this “War” is finished what will Zardari do then. He is collecting money from all over the World to eliminate Pukhtoons. He is not deserve to be the President of Pakistan. Rehman Malik & Zardari r the Enimies of Pukhtoons.

    Huma Naseem at 3:42pm June 17

    time is up for Mehsud ..but whats more important is ..that we should exercise calm and patience ..this operation Rah e Nijaat may bring the most bloodshed and may be more horrific bombings..all for fear and for us to back Pak Army Pakistan..

    Huma Naseem at 3:46pm June 17
    this wont be a ground operation largely ..and those who say everything in swat is in pieces and the picture is more like debris of homes..they should go and witness it themselves ..its only the civil administration that is missing for now ..and this will take time it was ABSENT for over a year almost ..long before the operation even..

    as for the high value targets ..there are SERIOUS insider reports suggesting that Fazullah / Muslim Khan are either in army’s custody or eliminated ..

    Irfan Shah at 4:24pm June 17

    Huma, even if swat is not in shambles, may we should not forgett that 4 million ppl r displaced and their crops are all destroyed.

    Please read the article of saleem safi i sent across .. as he explains it all in a better way as compared to someone like me…

    Huma Naseem at 6:12pm June 17

    there is always a price that nations pay to protect themselves in the long run..i am not a fan of the scenes in camps lets me down too to see how the funds are going in the pockets of these ministers ..but that doesnt still justify the non action.Huma Naseem at 6:14pm June 17
    as for US playing pakistan to eradicate taliban..US is not paying pakistan NEVER only announces funds and instead comes out saying later that it will go to X and Y ..such as that in the case of Super Embassies in Islamabad and Karachi far out all of the announced US Aid 75% will go to these super structures for their conspiring activities ..and according to them its for our own benefit..thatS what US does to Pakistan..

    Irfan Shah at 6:55pm June 17

    non action to of course nahi hona chahye…
    but as saleem safi said, instead of an actino which results in displacment of 4 million and capture of no top-brass leaders of taleban, we should focus on a different strategy whereby intelligence n smaller units r used to capture/kill the top-tier militant leaders…

    Asim Jaan at 12:06pm June 18

    @Huma: You say “there is always a price that nations pay to protect themselves in the long run”. This is one argument that liberals in pakistan useto justify their to support this brutal operation. But their duplicity is shown here cuz always the ‘price’ has to be paid by the already exploited, downtrodden people of Pakistan, and never those very middle class liberals.

    Hence u justify savagery that u think defends ‘your liberty’ , ‘your civilization’ – but u want someone else, the poor swatis in this case, to pay the ‘price’ for it.

    I challenge all such people to go and spend a week in the ‘refugee camps’ with those who have been made ‘qurbani kay bakray’ just to REINFORCE ruling class hegemony, under the pretext of defending ‘our way of life’. Are u willing yourself to pay that ‘price’ ?? —

    Asim Jaan at 12:11pm June 18

    — I am willing to bet that the vast majority of those who come under in either of these shades ‘warmonger’ or ‘war-apologists’, ‘war-is-necessary-evil’ etc, if asked, will not be willing to spend even a night in those camps with those that are paying the ‘price’.

    Hence such speeches just reveal their moral hypocrisy and hollowness.

    To prove me otherwise i ask 3.5 million middle class liberals to spend just ‘one day’ in the refugee camps.

  • Arif Ishaq says:

    I agree with Asim Jaan’s stand on the army intervention – it is unjustifed.

    By the way, the US involvement can be “justified” in the exact same manner as so many of our “patirotic” fellow countrymen are justifying, even demanding the current military action!

    However, on the question of helping the displaced, I would not back down. They need all the help they can get. If someone nuked a place, I wouldn’t refrain from helping the victims simply because it doesn’t solve the problem of countries having nukes in the first place. I guess these are questions that must be handled in parallel, not one at the expense of the other.

  • sl y jamal says:

    Hi Asim Jaan,

    Regardless of; independent,competent &/or relevant authority if those are NOT elected leadership under free & fair democratically accepted elections i personally feel that, we all shud opt for the high side of figures i.e.4 & not 3.5 millions. Especially involving lives and properties of innocent women,children & civilains under the; brute, rapacious, callous scourges now conducting scorch earth roller coast juggernaut over Swat &/or NWFP.

    Yes Asim, history of the bloody 1971 holocaust frequently repeats all over Pakistan at; frequent and regular intervals under successive Govts ir-respective of whoever rules the roost in Pakistan. The only variation this time is the speed and ferocity under mr. 10% perhaps
    this is due to, being on total & complete greed mode driven!!!

    Have a nice weekend, do take care!!!

    sl y jamal.

  • Asim Jaan says:

    Arif, Jamal, other friends,

    Many thanks for enriching the debate.
    Will also contribute, but later, cuz currently we are too busy planning/promoting a seminar to be held tomorrow on a related topic.

    You are all invited to come and give your views. See details below.

    Rgds asim

    Details are :

    War on Pushtoonkhwa and Imperialism

    Military operation on Pushtoonkhawa
    since April 2009 has killed thousands and displaced 3.5 million men, women and children from Swat, Dir, Buner, Darra. Now the operation in the name of eliminating Taliban has been extended to Waziristan. US is backing the military operation with huge funds. What are imperialist designs, how the Pakistani capitalist class benefits from war and how to organise and fightback for peace.

    At the Seminar, journalist Zain ul Abideen and intellectual Sabaoon Bangash will speak on the motives and consequences of war.

    Date: Sunday, June 21, 2009
    Time: 5:00pm – 7:00pm
    Location: Baldia Primary School, New Muzaffarabad colony,
    Street: Landhi
    City/Town: Karachi, Pakistan

    Phone: 0092-3332298922

  • sl y jamal says:

    hi asif jaan,

    tnx for the invitation unfortunately, i live broad and am not even a pakistani n’theless tnx once again for the offer.

    wishing godspeed in your sacred mission for a; free,sovereign and progressive Pushtoonkhwa insha allah, bereft of any scourges of civil war like bloody clashes.

    have a nice day, do take care!!!


  • sl y jamal says:

    hi asif jaan,

    how did the june 21,2009 karachi seminar end??? kindly do keep us posted as the mini eastpakistan like 1971 is repeating all over pakistan due to, pak army being let loose like hyenas. the beast of juggernaut apparently at this point in time is rolling all over waziristan with utmost ferocity while the innocent armless civilians take to their heels,helter & skelter.

    keenly awaiting your feedback soonsssssssssssss!!!

    take care!

  • Asim Jaan says:

    Hi Jamal,

    Much appreciate your interest even though you are so far away. The majority in Pakistan pay no heed to what we are saying, more that 4 million people have been made homeless, but our majority goes on with its life as if nothing has happened. This is sad and shows the dismal level of civil society awareness and activism.

    The discussion at the seminar “War on Pushtoonkhwa and Imperialism” was very rich. The conclusion was that Taliban phenomenon is an extreme reaction to State opression in Pakistan that has continued unabated for the last 60 years.

    But, although we empathize with the root causes of its origins, we nontheless think that this world view do not provide solutions to the contradictions and exploitation of capitalism.

    Only a socialist world view has the theoretical prowess to get us out of this quagmire. But people have to make sacrifices to show this theory in practice, thus providing it as viable alternative to the downtrodden of Pakistan.


    We have been doing such programs for quite some time, including press conferences, write-ups, posters, demonstrations and publish a monthly magazine, which is in Urdu. If you can read urdu, do visit to get details.

    Are u on facebook ? If so, be my friend by visiting . It is easy to share things there.

    warm rgds

  • […] are aware of any others: Action for a Progressive Pakistan has partnered with the SINGH Foundation to raise money to support the humanitarian relief efforts for IDPs fleeing the conflict. Over at the blog All Things Pakistan, readers have raised approximately $8400 to support IDP […]

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