Swati doctor interviewed in Karachi

July 29, 2009 § 4 Comments

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§ 4 Responses to Swati doctor interviewed in Karachi

  • Usman Malik says:

    This is crazy! I can claim from my personal experiences, contacts and knowledge that Swatis are the biggest party to be blamed in all this!

    If they were so brave, why didn’t they push out Taliban? Why were people of Dir able to push back Taliban?

  • putool says:

    Hi Mr. U Malik,

    To push back the Taliban maybe possible temporarily for a brief period, if Dir has done it so have the Yankees done it. Unfortunately, even the Yankees agrees that pushing them was merely a phyrric victory. Similarly those in Dir will also learn this bitter truth, sooner if they fail to remain united rather than later, once the dust is settled.

    In fine, lets all hope and pray that the Swatis remain steadfast in their resolve not to extend co-operation or give shelter to these scourges in the future!!!

    Do have a nice day, t.c.

    • Usman Malik says:

      Hi Putool,

      Well I guess we are both agreeing on a common point, but I still do not believe there is any similarity between Yankees and people of Dir!

      Yankees have come over the seas to “do something”, whereas the people of Dir defended their homeland and values.

      It is also interesting to note that historically people of Dir are more “backward” by the modern standards when compared with Swatis! They held back new roads, schools and what not – and yet when time came and someone tested their “Islamiat” they proved them that they know it better.

      Perhaps a lesson for not only the West to understand us and Islam better, but also for the Pakistanis to do the same.

  • putool says:

    From your perspective you are 100% correct insofar as, Dir’s Islamiat is concerned, in comparison to the Swatis.

    But never, ever forget that Islam is invariably for; the best of schools not only for the boys, best of Road, Highways,Medicines, Technology and above all else Science and the Scientist!!! Islam crystal clearly manifested such examples by setting an example from down sizing beards, emphasising on smartness, above all else cleanliness and the pathological refrain from; the drugs,alchohol and drunkeness!!!

    Have a nice day, t.c.

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