U.S. Aid to Pakistan Totals $15.4 Billion

August 14, 2009 § 6 Comments

U.S. aid to Pakistan between 2002 and 2009 totals $15.4 billion. These are the findings of the Congressional Research Service. Of this total, approximately 70% was devoted to military purposes.

It’s all about the money, folks. People are dying for money. It’s time to start calling for an end to U.S. military aid to Pakistan.


§ 6 Responses to U.S. Aid to Pakistan Totals $15.4 Billion

  • sl jamal says:

    Hi Guys,

    After it seems ages I am back from a sojuorn to my sleepy little village namely Kadalpur,Raozan in the district of chittagong where a Kg of fresh pure milk is sold for Tk.15 to Tk.16 whereas a bottle of so-called Aqua/Spring water is sold between Tk.22 to Tk.25 per Kg/Bottle.

    Ms Patel & Ali Abidi Bhai how did your program scheduled for August 19, 2009 faired well, I suppose??? Keenly awaiting your details feedback, pls oblige with expeditiously.

    Do hv a great weekend, take care!!!

  • putool says:

    Hi Guys,

    Lions share of 70% U.S. handouts goes to the Pak Army apparently, what better way then to commence the killing spree regardless of; where,when and whereof???

    The National Budget out of which also the Lions share goes to th Pak Army and the above U.S handouts Lions share also goes to the Pak Army bereft of Accountability and Transperancy. Hence the juggernaut of deaths and destructions M U S T mount, perhaps sky is the limit!!!

  • s s jamal says:

    The US Aid from 2002-2009 amounting to more then US$15.4 Billions 70% of which perhaps as usual, are gobbled up by the Pak Army!!!

    End result is the bloody campaigns of; rapes,loots,plunders, arsons galore earlier, in Baluchistan and now in Swat/Waziristan perhaps more in the offing, being hatched in the ISI Den. There was one Pak Author who dared to write that, Pak Army expenses are neither Accountable nor Transparent even. This Author lady subsequently vanished!!!

    Do have a great weekend, take care!!!

  • ss jamal says:

    hi guys,

    a very late eid-mubarak the famous adage goes, its better late than never, ever said.

    pp founders reading in context, kindly note that the senate in u.s has pledged billions of dollars by tripling non-military aid so, one can well imagine increase in military aid manifolds. Why not introduce this “POST” which, i’m certain can attract innumerable comments!!!

    do hv a great day, t.c.


  • putool says:

    hi ma’am,

    i noted your proposal to the progpak founders and extend my unquali-fied support as, i also personally feel there is bound to be massive response to such post!!!

    under the prevailing circumstances with the top guns in both the; u.s.army and the administration agreeing to the fact that, they can only stall the taliban takeover even that, for a limited period only. so, such negative attitudes can be pretty contagious and once the tide turns the yankees are bound to cut their losses and run for the sett-ing sun, sooner rather than later!!!

    do have agreat day, t.c.

  • putool says:

    hi pp,

    i received your e-mail today ac’dgly, i e-mailed my cnfmation simultaneously, so whiter my write-up??? pls expedite.

    i do personally feel that, your excellent blog shud be participated by bloggers representing the entire strata of pak society, if the nation is to get rid of the scourge of frequent army intervention!!!

    greetings for all the best!!!

    do have a nice day, t.c.

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