350 Workers Fired from PC Pindi

June 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

From the same lot that brought you the saga of the PC Karachi, comes the plight of workers at the Pearl Continental in Rawalpindi: three hundred and fifty of whom were fired from the hotel a few days ago, after management flatly refused to recognize their elemental rights under labor law. The hotel, in a well-known strategy aimed at undercutting bargaining power, job security, and wages/working conditions, maintains a good chunk of its workforce as contract labor. After the demand that workers be made permanent employees in line with the nature of their jobs became a sticking point in union-management negotiations (ongoing since January), the DCO and 250 police were summoned to evict them from the premises. 120 have had false FIR’s filed against them.

150 workers are protesting behind Geo’s offices in Islamabad–yet, as in the PC Karachi case, no major media outlets have picked up their story. Several of the protesters are on hunger strike, and apparently eleven of them have already been hospitalized.

More details, including their demands, are available in the text of this letter. Please sign on, and we will be sending it as a fax to the PC, the Hashoo Group, and the relevant authorities as soon as possible.


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