Marvi Sirmed brings down Zaid Hamid

August 29, 2011 § 1 Comment

There may not be much substantive consequence to this bit of news, but for many of us, it is certainly deeply satisfying to see one of Pakistan’s most idiotic figures, Zaid Hamid, being taken down by journalist and writer Marvi Sirmed. For those who are fortunate enough to be unacquainted with Zaid Hamid, suffice it to say that he represents the most muscular and fascist strain of Pakistani hyper-nationalism, complete with rhetoric that would be amusing if it weren’t taken so seriously by so many. (A sample: ”Inshallah one day you will hear… ‘This is Radio Pakistan from New Delhi’.”) Most of Hamid’s hatred is trained on India (and, of course, by extension non-Muslims in Pakistan), but he has plenty of vitriol for others too.

Zaid Hamid was recently invited on to a TV program to discuss his criticism of Nawaz Sharif’s speech at the South Asian Free Media Association meeting, in which Sharif made some benign comments about Indo-Pak peace (let’s not forget that Nawaz Sharif is as belligerent a nationalist as any, so it’s hard to take his comments as anything more than lip service). But Hamid used the opportunity to lambast Sharif and trot out his usual hyper-nationalist fire-breathing. What was different about this show, however, was that journalist and writer Marvi Sirmed was the other guest on the show, and she gave a rare (for Pakistani TV) and thoroughly impressive rebuttal to Hamid’s nonsense.

You can view the show below, in four parts:


§ One Response to Marvi Sirmed brings down Zaid Hamid

  • Pakistani Nationalist says:

    A poorly written and comical blog the views of which are more than a respectful distance away from reality. We live in a Nation-state or a Nationalist world. That is why cretins like you or the fat indianized pig in the video above dare not criticize indian nationalism, nor British or American Nationalism. So to criticize Nationalism only when it comes to being Pakistani shows more an internal bias rather than a legitimate point of criticism. Clowns like Marvi Sirmed, though they claim to be “liberal” aren’t really that; they’re Indianists working for the cause of spreading Pan-Indianism inside Pakistan. Pan-Indianism being (surprise suprise) a nationalistic ideology in itself. That is why this dot-headed indianized pig says, “es khittay ke cultures mushtarik hien”. She’s an indian nationalist. So if you’re oh-so critical of nationalism then criticize that, if you have the guts that is. My guess is more than likely you do not. 🙂

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