India-Pakistan border visible from space

September 5, 2011 § 1 Comment

A new photo from the International Space Station shows that the India-Pakistan border is visible from space at night. That’s because the Indian government has been implementing a decade-long plan to post floodlights on its border with Pakistan. India is also in the process of building a fence with Pakistan (a fence with Bangladesh is also in the works).

This sad image is a reminder of the suspicion and hate that continues to exist between India and Pakistan. But above all, it is a stark illustration of the absurdity of a poor country like India spending money on a foolish exercise like putting up floodlights and building fences with its neighbor. Floodlights won’t stop militants, and fences won’t stop smugglers. All these kinds of idiotic exercises do is to drain much-needed resources away from more urgent needs such as health and education.



§ One Response to India-Pakistan border visible from space

  • Farooq Tariq says:

    I live Indian border. The lights are very visible from both sides. If you come to Lahore by air night, you see the long line of the lights. Instead of opening the Borders, both take pride in such measure that keeps away people from each other and promote enmity

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