Recover Disappeared Activists

January 9, 2017 § 4 Comments



Famed Pakistani Poet, Academic, and Left Activist Disappeared

Critical Activists Disappeared

#RecoverSalmanHaider | #RecoverAllActivists

Famed Pakistani poet, academic, and Left activist Salman Haider has gone missing since last Friday. As of now, we have little credible information but we believe that Salman was abducted due to his political views and writings. Salman has been a staunch champion of the oppressed and working class peoples of Pakistan, and uses his witty prose and incisive verses to challenge and mock all forms of oppression in Pakistan.

He is not alone. Within hours of his abduction, news of other activists disappearing has emerged–Waqas Goraya, Aasim Saeed, and Ahmed Raza Naseer have gone missing.

We demand that the Pakistani state apparatus–its military, intelligence agencies, and civilian institutions–act promptly to ensure the safe recovery of all activists.

We call on scholars, playwrights, poets, writers, activists, artists from around the world to join hands to call for immediate action to find and recover Salman Haider, Waqas Goraya, Aasim Saeed, and Ahmed Raza Naseer. We ask for show of solidarity and support for those fighting for a just, equal, and free Pakistan.


Salman Haider disappeared on his way home from a theatre group meeting late Friday evening. He left his friends at around 8pm, but did not respond when his wife called around 10pm to ask about his whereabouts. Soon after, she received a text message from his phone asking her to pick up his car at Koral Chowk near Bani Gala. The text said that he had work to do, and that he would return home later. He has yet to return.

We are deeply concerned about the safety and well-being of Salman Haider. He is a father, husband, brother, son, friend and comrade to many. He teaches Gender Studies at the Fatimah Jinnah Women’s University, and has written, directed, and acted in plays performed in Pakistan and abroad with Theater Wallay.  He is a member of the left-wing socialist Awami Workers Party. He is vocal in opposing extrajudicial disappearances, killings, sectarian violence, and socio-economic injustice. And he edits the online magazine Tanqeed and pens an Urdu blog.

Salman is most famous for his political satire and poetry, penning many popular poems that are widely known in Pakistan. His famous poem, Kafir Kafir (Infidel Infidel) mocks Islamist clerics who use the excuse of religion to declare festive joys, dancing, music, and diverse religious expressions as infidelities. His poems Chalo Badlein has been composed into a popular left anthem, and verses from other poems have become popular protest slogans. In a recent poem,  written when another activist was disappeared, Salman anticipated his own disappearance:    

Right now the friends of my friends are being disappeared

Soon it will be my friends’ turn    

And then mine …

Aware of these risks, Salman never failed to raise his voice against injustice. From street protests in Pakistan to music videos, from theatre performances to the classroom, from blogs, newspapers and magazines to the lives of his friends, comrades and colleagues, Salman enriches Pakistan’s literary, political, artistic and educational worlds.

We all are indebted to his pen, his creativity, and his fearlessness. We need Salman Haider, Waqas Goraya, Aasim Saeed, and Ahmed Raza Naseer, and others to keep raising their voice for truth and against injustices. For this, we owe it to them and to ourselves to not rest until they are returned.




1 Madiha Tahir, Tanqeed & Columbia University
2 Rose Mishaan, Attorney at Law
3 Furhan Hussain
4 Rabia Mehmood, Journalist, Researcher
5 Salman Hussain, University of Michigan
6 Wajahat Abbas Kazmi
7 Sobia Kapafia
8 Farhad Mirza
9 Tooba Syed, Awami Workers Party, The feminist collective
10 Josh Whitford, Columbia University
11 Mehreen Kasana, Tanqeed
12 Mohammad Siam
13 Em Gee
14 Sarah Eleazar, Awami Workers Party
15 Syeda Saman Naz , Pennsylvania State University
16 Ammar Rashid, Awami Workers Party
17 fahad
18 Imran Khan
19 Ali Irtaqa
20 Natalya Naqvi, University of Oxford
21 Usman Mohammed
22 Ghazah Abbasi
23 Ahsan Kamal, Awami Workers Party; Quaid-i-Azam University
24 Rubia Abrar
25 Mara Ahmed, Neelum Films
26 Ali Raza, LUMS
27 Ali Nobil Ahmad, Zentrum Moderner Orient, Berlin
28 Tara Suri
29 Justin Helepololei, University of Massachusetts Amherst
30 Rab Nawaz, Civil Society
31 Mehlab Jameel, Researcher, Activist
32 Ahmad Gull Liaqat, Brother of Ahmad Waqass Goraya
33 Meera Ghani , Climate scientist and feminist
34 Fatima Zahra Hassan , Self Employed
35 Paula Chakravartty, Associate Professor, NYU
36 Maryam Khawaja, University of Toronto
37 Beth Kasner
38 Noor Mir, Human rights activist, Washington, D.C
39 AIYSHA MALIK, Student
40 Kabeer Dawani
41 Khadijah Bilal, Medical student
42 Nurjehan Mawaz-Khan, Awami Workers Party, Architect
43 Zohra Ahmed, Legal Aid Society, NYC
44 Sohaib bodla, Freelance
45 Ajay Bhardwaj, Independent Documentary Filmmaker
46 Waqas Butt, University of California, San Diego
47 Ali Malik, York University
48 Alexis Stern
49 Natalie Green
50 Khalid Qureshi , Peace Activists
51 Azmat Ara
52 Cortney Busch
53 Amra Jamal Ahmad
54 Deborah May
55 Daniel Madden Crawford
56 Cayce Utley
57 Masoora Ali, Pakistani
58 Atif Sheikh
59 Amna khan
60 Arsalan Khan, Union College
61 Emmanuel Cairo
62 Humza Aasim Yusuf, Pakistan
63 Shabana Mir, American Islamic College
64 Patrick Delsoin
65 Ayyaz Mallick, Student
66 Riffat Haque, Colleague
67 Susan Murray
68 Shaun Harkin, People Before Profit, Ireland
69 zaheer ahmed, student
70 Rosemary Mattingley
71 Ammar Khalid, Johns Hopkins SAIS
72 Madah Fatima, Democratic Students Alliance
73 SadafHamid, Teacher
74 sewda salimi
75 Sherry Wolf, International Socialist Organization
76 Fareha
77 Zain Khan
78 Maqsood Asi, Norway
79 Fsahat Ul Hassan
80 Tyler Schuenemann, UMass Amherst
81 Nate Baldo
82 Amanda Hamilton, PhD Dept. SALC, University of Chicago
83 Jane Donnelly, Atheist Ireland
84 Maham Hashmi
85 Zahra Dhanerawala
86 Amna Mawaz Khan
87 Mehr Un Nisa
88 Maham Hashmi
89 Zahra Dhanerawala
90 Amna Mawaz Khan
91 Mehr Un Nisa
92 Elizabeth Whitford
93 Tara Weinberg, South African, signing in solidarity with friends and comrades
94 Tariq Rahman, University of California, Irvine
95 Zakia Khwaja, USA
96 Junaid Ahmad
97 Charles W. Grau, Esq.
98 Sarah Khan
99 maliha haider, humanity
100 Leslie Akst
101 Ammar belal
102 Maria Rashid , SOAS
103 ESSA ALI, Zhejiang university china
104 Sidra Qasim, Business Woman
105 Manzoor Cheema, Muslims for Social Justice
106 Maria Amir, Lahore University of Management Sciences
107 Amal Sadozai
108 Saulat Qadri
109 Naveed khan
110 Haya Fatimah, University of South Florida
111 Sophia Slote
112 Johannah Black, York University
113 Najda khawaja
114 Zülal Dilli, Journalist
115 Ayça Çubukçu, London School of Economics and Political Science
116 Nauroz khan, Progressive student politics
117 Nicole Berland, UNC
118 Mahmood Malik , Pakistan
119 gloria osborne
120 Gregory Pekar, Actor from LA
121 Lynn Elizabeth Whitford, Artist
122 Jasmine Heiss
123 Nadeem Ahmad, Islamabad
124 Maria Amir, Lahore University of Management Sciences
125 Muhammad babar, Left political worker
126 Kathryn Montalbano, Neumann University
127 Sally Eberhardt
128 Sumbal Naqi, Lawyer
129 Shmyla Khan,
130 Umer Guddu, AWP Pakpattan, Sanjh Lok Raj
131 Hadi Hussain, Social Researcher
132 Faiz Younas, University of the Punjab
133 Ghazal Asif
134 Travis Mushett, Blunderbuss Magazine
135 Robert Ronan, CUNY Graduate Center
136 Ali Shahrukh Pracha, –
137 Shaheryar Mirza, Deputy Editor, TRT World
138 Fareeha Zia
139 Mehvish Shafiq
140 zahra shah, a citizen in a free country!
141 Simón Adinia Hanukai, Kaimera Productions
142 Zoya Rehman
143 Madiha Latif, Civil Society
144 Natasha Ansari, Researcher
145 Sasha Ali, Miss Modular Radio
146 Jonah Bossewitch, Mental Health Association
147 Urooj Chandani, Teachers College, Columbia University
148 Chelsey Pennyamon, student
149 Neepa Majumdar, University of Pittsburgh
150 Hira Azmat, That Feminist Collective
151 Hasrat turi, AWP Street theatre group performer and sallu bhai pupil
152 Heba Z Islam, Teacher
153 Saad Khan, film director
154 Saad Khan
155 Ali. Mehdi Zaidi , LUMS
156 Ammar Khalid, Teacher, Actor at Theatre Wallay
157 Ammar Khalid , Teacher; Director, Actor at Theatre Wallay
158 Saadia Toor, City University of New York
159 M.E. , New York university
160 Jessica Martin
161 Mahvish Ahmad, Tanqeed, Awami Workers Party, Cambridge
162 Maryam Hussain, Former Associate Professor NCA
163 Asha Bedar
164 Saliha Ramay, Development Worker
165 Deborah Kory, Psychologist
166 Amna Chaudhry
167 Maryam Hussain, Former Associate Professor NCA
168 Mustafa Khan
169 Nusrat Sohail , Educator
170 Azfar Sulaiman
171 Maryam Hussain, Former Associate Professor NCA
172 Nusrat Hussain, Awami Workers Party
173 Faza Merajdin
174 Adaner Usmani, New York University
175 Amina Haque
176 Abdullah Qureshi, Artist
177 Zehra Naqvi
178 Maliha Chishti , Citizen (student)
179 Anneke Swinehart, Oakland, CA USA
180 Neelam Hussain, Women’s Action Forum
181 Nadia Assaf
182 Aliya Shami , None
183 Alea Rizvi
184 Safieh Shah, doctor, researcher
185 Ahmad Durrani
186 Aisha Amir Ahmed, Feminist Collective
187 Zehra Naqvi
188 Zehra Naqvi
189 Zehra Naqvi
190 Shazia Ahmad
191 Tariq Khan, Department of History, University of Illinois at Champaign Urbana
192 Asma Kazmi, UC Berkeley
193 Awais Qarni, Asian Marxist Review
194 Nadir El-Edroos
195 naila fatima dogar, a fellow Pakistan.
196 Aslam Khwaja
197 Namra Gilani
198 Ammar Khalid , Teacher; Director Theatre Wallay
199 Musab Waqar
200 Hammad Raza, AWP
201 Aimen Bucha, Awami Workers Party
202 Tabish Habib , Piphany Productions
203 Nadine Zubair, Pakistani
204 Chowdhury Rashaad Shabab, University of Sussex
205 Hammad Raza, AWP
206 Mohan Ambikaipaker, Tulane University, New Orleans, USA
207 Hira Choudhry
208 Khadija bakhtiar
209 Adeel Shaharyar
210 Sanaa Alimia, ZMO, Berlin
211 Zeeshan Hayat , Lahore University of Management Sciences
212 Mesha Saeed, I believe in justice to be seved.
213 Ali Shazif
214 Taiba Khan
215 zia, humanity
216 Sana Hanif, Student-Fatima Jinnah Women University
217 Muhammad babar, Left political worker
218 Nusrat Sheikh, Media Development, Berlin
219 Rawal Khan, Student
220 Clare van Balen, None
221 Neha Mufti, Artist
222 Hina Azfar
223 Mehreen Mustafa, Human
224 Tahmina Rashid, None
225 Alea Rizvi
226 Amna Sohail
227 Andleeb Haider, #bringbackouractivists
228 Sanober Nazir
229 Anna Sohail
230 Yen pham
231 Shazia khan
232 Shazia Khan
233 Hina Azfar
234 Kamal Jumblat , Awami worker’s party larkana
235 Teresa Basillo
236 advocate Mir Lashari, sindh Youth Congress
237 Ayesha Omer, New York University
238 raheem ul haque, fc college
239 Ayesha Saeed, Forman Christian College
240 Patricia Tehan
241 Rehan Hussain
242 rupal oza
243 Arun Kundnani, New York University
244 Robin Aura Kanegis, American Friends Service Committee
245 Jalila ali, Educator
246 Faryal Shahid, University of Karachi
247 Faiza naqvi, follower
248 Joseph Shahadi, New York University
249 Muneeb Ur Rehman, Laal
250 Jack Spula, independent journalist
251 Arham
252 Sumbal, Recover them all
253 Pierre Bocquillon, University of East Anglia, UK
254 Amtul Shafi Malik
255 Jaqueline Berumen, Awami Workers Party
256 Hira Nabi
257 Ch Faud Ahmad Bhatti, university of sargodha
258 Rehman Laghari, human
259 Josselyn Atahualpa, Queens Neighborhoods United
260 Athena Wisotsky
261 Kashaf Asim, None
262 Chelsea Wait
263 Sameeh Cheema
264 Sonia Verjovsky
265 Sadhbh Goodhue
266 Nilofar Saleem, No affiliation
267 Maryam Nazir Kiani
268 Meera Afzal, Pakistan
269 S. Mehreen Shahzad
270 Zahra Malkani
271 Zenab Tariq
272 Sara Breidy
273 S Shirazi, Cornell University
274 Amal Aslam
275 Saadat Munir, Friend
276 Abeera Kamran
277 Bertha Camacho, Independent
278 Umbreen Butt , Documentary Filmmaker
279 Melanie Bush
280 Trisha R., UNC Chapel Hill
281 Frances Gallart Marques
282 Christina Stephens, UNC-Chapel Hill
283 Eissa Saeed
284 Minh-Ha T. Pham, Pratt Institue
285 Fizzah Sajjad,
286 Ulya Ehsen
287 Briana Mohan
288 Pia Ahmed, Satrang
289 Amina Shareef, University of Cambridge
290 Waqas malik
291 Francisco Montero
292 Bushra Dilawar
293 Erfaa Ehsen
294 Seda Gurses, Princeton University
295 Hamzah Saif, George Washington University
296 Feza Arslan
297 Bernadette Baker, NYSNA
298 Rehmeen Naseer
299 Mohd Saleem, None
300 Serena Khan , Ashkal Alwan
301 Khalid Ahmad, AMA UK
302 Waseem Yaqoob, University of Cambridge
303 Wasif ahmed bhatti
304 Sonia R., Psychiatric Social Worker
305 Shahid Qazi, None
306 Arif Azad
307 Sarah Waheed
308 Soha Irani
309 Hiba Ali, Theatre Wallay
310 Qudratullah farooq
311 A Adnan, Human being
312 Sajjad Haider, journalist
313 Ayesha Khan
314 Daniel Hale
315 Samia Shafi
316 Maryam Hussain , Pre- Law Undergraduate Studies, University of Washington
317 Rebecca Berner
318 Nilanjana Bhattacharjya , Arizona State University
319 Shabnam Hussain
320 abdul qadir, Development sector, Washington DC
321 Sahar Shafqat, St. Mary’s College of Maryland
322 Madyha Leghari
323 Kori Woodard
324 Fiza Salim
325 zara khadeeja majoka
326 Harshita Singh
327 Raja Swamy, University of Tennessee
328 Reem Khurshid
329 Mehreen Khokhar, Dentist and a human
330 Shahbaz Sandhu, Bond University
331 Daniel Howe, School Of Creative Media HK
332 James Munir Perry, Islam
333 Mehran Wazir, Independent Researcher
334 Hussain Zia Amjad
335 Cecile Menard
336 Zahra anum
337 Rafia Asim, Human Rights Commissionif Pakistan
338 M4met
339 Sabira Qureshi, Independent Consultant
340 Rehana Shaheen
341 Megan Stewart Thorndike
342 Christopher Miles, Indiana University
343 Julian Green, AMnesty International
344 Hector Agredano, PhD Candidate, Graduate Center CUNY
345 Hasan Kazmi
346 Justin Akers Chacon, Coalition for Labor and Community Solidarity – San Diego
347 Alyx Kim-Yohn
348 Yaminay Nasir Chaudhri
349 Natasha Malik, Artist
350 Robert Brown,
351 Zehra Hashmi, University of Michigan
352 Secil Binboga, University of Michigan
353 Hajra Haider, Tentative Collective
354 Zainab Ali, Fellow human being
355 Ahmed Ansari, Carnegie Mellon University
356 Aron Sandell, University of Oslo
357 Michael Edgecombe
358 Numair A. Abbasi, Artist
359 Omar Kasmani, Free University of Berlin
360 Shiri Shalmy, Antiuniversity Now, London
361 Qais Iqbal, Tufts University
362 Zahid Chaudhary, Princeton U
363 Samuel Lang Budin
364 Dushka H Saiyid
365 Ana Gabriela Rodriguez
366 sardar hussain
367 Saadia Mirza, University of Chicago
368 Wayne Heimbach , Amnesty International, Group 50
369 Ian Jordan , Retired lecturer, Sydney
370 Sarah Kazmi
371 Muhammed Malik, Former Executive Director of Council on American Islamic Relations (South Florida) and FL State Delegate to the Green Party’s International Affairs Committee
372 Maha Malik, Teacher
373 Dr. Stephen Oren, n/a
374 Elishma, Musician
375 Qalandar Bux Memon, University of London
376 Rubina Malkani
377 Preh Memon
378 Sarthak Tomar, RGPV, Bhopal, India
379 Sahar Haq
380 Shaheryar, Citizen
381 Ann Siegel, Group 50 Amnesty Int’l
382 Gaurav Jashnani, City University of New York; Challenging Male Supremacy Project
383 Sher Aman Khan, Awami Workers Party District Bannu
384 Faieza desai
385 Sidra Kamran
386 Sofia Farah V., UNC Graduate Student
387 Farhan Nawaz Sheikh, Lahore University of Management Sciences
388 Margherita Andreotti, Amnesty International member
389 Dan Drennan, Amnesty International Group 50
390 Paul Wolf, Northwestern University
391 Afshan Khoja, USA
392 John Dalessi, Artist
393 Mario F. Venegas, Amnesty International-USA, Group 50, Evanston, IL
394 Tariq Siddiqui, Human Rights Activist, Amnesty International/USA/GP50
395 Jacqueline Wilk
396 Nur, Journalist
397 Simrah Freeha Shaukat, Ehsaas Foundation
398 Sabira Qureshi, Independent Consultant
399 Talat Aslam
400 Haadia Mir, None
401 Lucia Stavig, UNC Chapel Hill
402 Amanullah Kariapper, Baba Jan & Faisalabad LQM workers
403 mahindar, fan
404 Annalisa
405 Faiz Ullah, Social activist
406 Rukhsana Ahmad, Writer
407 Ali Arqam, Newsline
408 Cindy Zahnd
409 Asim Shah – London, Paksitan Solidarity Camping
410 Somak Paul
411 Sain Noora, Humanity
412 John Cronan Jr, Organization for a Free Society
413 Safeer U KHan, None
414 Fauzia Rafique, Independent
415 Sana Shahid, Patriotic Shehri
416 Radha Shah
417 Min Jan, Lawyer
418 dr saad bin nizakat
419 Zeeshan Syed, Kafir
420 Taimur Aman, Michigan State University
421 Noam Chomsky, MIT
422 Muzzammil Mukhtar, Lawyer
423 Riaz ul Hassan, Journalist
424 Pedro Sanches, Researcher in Stockholm
425 Huma Batool, Vantage Pharmaceutical
426 Imran Bukhari, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad
427 Jawad Ahmed Paras, Disappearce is not acceptable
428 Sehyr Mirza, Journalist
429 bushra hassan, International Islamic University Islamabad
430 Rayna Sadia, Student
431 marianazia
432 Aleen Murtaza
433 Petronella Sundström
434 Syed Shakir Ali, Pakistan Workers Party
435 Shahla Tabassum, Fatima Jinnah Women University
436 Salahudin Safdar
437 Khedija Suhail
438 Clément Mouhot, University of Cambridge
439 ameer malik, pakistani
440 Obaid Hassan Gondal, Lawyer
441 Ahmed Fasih
442 qaisar abbas, citizen
443 Ali Aman
444 Lola Seaton
445 john lewis, the govt should try thier best for these missing persons
446 Riaz ul Hassan, Journalist
447 Pedro Sanches, Researcher in Stockholm
448 Huma Batool, Vantage Pharmaceutical
449 Imran Bukhari, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad
450 Jawad Ahmed Paras , Disappearce is not acceptable
451 Sehyr Mirza , Journalist
452 bushra hassan, International Islamic University Islamabad
453 Rayna Sadia, Student
454 marianazia
455 Aleen Murtaza
456 Petronella Sundström
457 Syed Shakir Ali, Pakistan Workers Party
458 Shahla Tabassum, Fatima Jinnah Women University
459 Salahudin Safdar
460 Khedija Suhail
461 Clément Mouhot, University of Cambridge
462 ameer malik, pakistani
463 Obaid Hassan Gondal, Lawyer
464 Ahmed Fasih
465 qaisar abbas, citizen
466 Ali Aman
467 Lola Seaton
468 john lewis, the govt should try thier best for these missing persons
469 Athar Saeed, Hospital Doctor
470 Sarah Eleazar, Awami Workers Party
471 Syed Sohaib, Bhar M Jao 😛
472 Nabiha Meher Shaikh, Women’s Action Forum, Lahore
473 Rizwan Cheema , Pakistan
474 Tamkinet Karim, None
475 Ebad Hassan Pasha
476 Syed Musa Kazim, Student
477 Abid Iqbal
478 Ramish Fatima
479 Maham Hameed, Koc University
480 Faraz Haider, Journalist
481 Gigi Zaunere, Works in psychiatry in USA. Humanitarian, progressive
482 Shayan R
483 Muhammad Ali Khan, Humanist
484 Rehan Mazhar, Concerned citizen of Pakistan
485 Muhammad Ram Singh
486 Beena Sarwar, Princeton University
487 Sajjad Anwar Mansoori , CreativeClix Advertising
488 Nida Kirmani, Lahore university of management sciences
489 Mustafa Kidwai, IT professional
490 Shahzad Ahmad, Digital Rights Activist
491 David Bergman
492 Annie Zaman
493 Rezaur Rahman Lenin, Law Life Culture
494 Sara syeda , Concerned Pakistani
495 Bilal Farooqi, Journalist, The News International
496 Rhonda gossen , International development consultant and writer
497 Mona Kazim Shah, Journalist, Human Rights Activist


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§ 4 Responses to Recover Disappeared Activists

  • jamesperry58 says:

    Who are the perpetrators? Will friends of friends speakout and sign this petition? Have you consoled their families? Have you helped a Palestinian family while lost their home today? Have you donated to a organization like Al Muslim Net, who helps refugees? Given a donation to help victims of famine? Have you helped any orphans today? I’m not attempting to be off subject or call you out. This is just a reminder to encourage you to do more to fight suffering and injustice than you’re already doing? We may not always help, but there’s always someone suffering. If you have everyday, then give something everyday. Pray for them everyday,
    this is real social justice. Don’t just sign a petition, or share s link, or attend a rally. If you have the wherewithal, commit to helping someone who suffering everyday. This is a reminder to those who read this, and to me as well. May Allah guide you and have mercy on you, and reward you for your good deeds and forgive you for your sins Amin! Allahu Akbar!

  • beenasarwar says:

    Reblogged this on Journeys to democracy and commented:
    It is now more than three weeks since the professor, poet and activist Salman Haider was ‘disappeared’ from Islamabad. Shortly afterwards, more social media activists were picked up. By whom and why? Questions beg answers. Please sign the statement urging their safe return.

  • Sat says:

    I sincerely condemn the acts which lead to dissaperance of the activists and demand their safe returns. They are ray of hope against the insanity provoked by the Establishments in the name of Nationality and Religion.

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